I don't hate wordpress at all. It's been great, for all those half-formed ideas I've lazily half written up on to my half constructed website.
But I'm in the mood for some web dev, for some reason. Probably inspired by the fact that for the first time in a decade, I've re-styled my index page for daft-ideas.
I removed colour!
I added some text!
That was it!

This is being written directly into a terminal. Raw html. It's clunky, but it's actually sort of nice not to worry about the styling too much.
So if I was going to move any writing to here instead of wordpress, what would I want?

Re-inventing the wheel

Yeaah, let's ignore all the platforms and libraries and things that exist to generate static sites. I might build something myself. And then very much in the spirit of all my projects, I'll abandon it.
however I write so infrequently, no one will be able to tell for months and months and months. Wrangling with styling and layout is something I find demoralising, so let's get rid of it! No more comments, no more wordpress plugins, no more annyoing themes that break all the time.

What do I need, really?. Content, and then navigation between posts. This should actually be very simple, if I keep writing in raw HTML for a while. Eventually I'll want an easier way to write though, so maybe I'll build something to convert markdown into really basic HTML.

I'll also want a way to easily upload and tag these files, eventually.
So consider this the first post.