So I’ve never made pizza before but thought I’d give it a go.

It starts off like bread with the dough. The recipe I was using (again from the good housekeeping book) used a ratio of 8oz of flour and 150 ml of water. Once the dough has risen once, it needs to be rolled and had oil spread over it 3 times. It then can be shaped into the pizza.

For the pizza sauce, I cooked a tin of tomatoes, 5 crushed cloves of garlic, a tin of tomato purée, and copped onion, some salt, pepper, oregano, crushed chillis, parsley, basil and paprika. This can be cooked and left to simmer whilst the dough rises.

Once this is all ready, its time to construct the pizza. The first step is to cover the base in cheese. Then add the tomato sauce and then more cheese. You can then add any further topping you want and cook. I added chicken, mushroom, sweet corn and olives. I then covered the pizza in chilli flakes and dried oregano and topped with fresh basil.

The cooking guidelines were for 40 mins at 230 degrees C. I cooked mine for 25 mins at 200 and I probably should have done it at a lower temperature for longer.

The finished result:


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