Lobster has always been a firm favourite in my family and actually ended up being our traditional Christmas dinner instead of turkey. 

Growing up living on the coast, it was surprisingly difficult to aquire live lobsters – we didn’t have any fishmongers left in the town. It’s actally easier for me to get now, live about an hour and a half away from the coast.  Most christmases we had lobster bought from the frozen section of the supermarket. Not quite as amazing as fresh lobster, but still great and we loved it.

Whenever we went away to the coast and boats we bringing in fresh lobster we would always get some. My mum became very skilled at convincing the fisherman to sell us some live ones at very reasonable rates :).

So we’d always ending up with a live one on these occasions:

They are very easy to cook, just need to be placed in boiling water. You add place them in the freezer for a little before hand to make them sleepy.

You then have 2 options on how to serve, hot (Thermidor) or cold. I prefer to eat it cold with lemon juice and salad (maybe even with some homemade crusty bread). When you get it out, it tends to be Thermidor.

Usually I serve up the lobster cut in half and still in the shell to eat, I think half the fun is getting the meat out. If you are doing it this way, you’ll need a bowl for all the debris.

However, on occasion, I have painstakingly removed all the meat from the shell and served it up whole without the shell.

I was pretty pleased with how well this turned out.

As a final note, a few years ago my favourite restaurant had a surf and turf of fillet stake and half a lobster. I have never took so long over a meal, but I sure was in heaven.


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